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10 Things You Need To Start A Bookshop

1. Unconditional love: both for books and for their readers, whomsoever they shall be and whatsoever they shall read.

2. Good shoes: you will walk the streets tirelessly in search of the perfect property. When you find it, it will call to you like a siren.

3. No shame: you will speak to anyone, say or promise the moon, in order to secure the right venue.

4. Unflagging patience: agents, solicitors, landlords, contractors, building inspectors will all seemingly delight in thwarting you: persevere.

5. Vision and a discerning eye: books should be beautiful. So must be your bookshop. It should dazzle on every front.

6. Thick skin and boundless optimism: to guard against those who scoff at the sheer folly of your project.

7. An understanding bank manager. All businesses require investment. You will need both the former and the latter if you miss your early cash-flow projections.

8. A name to trade under. Harder than it looks! We love ours. We hope you will too.

9. Customers: Friends who will tell friends who will tell friends who will tell friends. Who will then share the love with complete strangers. Who may one day become devoted customers.

10. A faithful mascot: A shop dog perhaps, or maybe two. Come along and scratch behind their ears.

Our new bookshop is very nearly a reality...

Stay tuned for news!

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