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Betsy Tobin


Some things just can't be explained...


It's the summer of '79 and the small town of

Jericho, Ohio is awash with mysteries.  Annemarie is beautiful, blind, virginal - and pregnant.  Ethan is the boy next door who would do anything to win her heart. But when the Virgin Mary starts to appear in the sunset, the town is besieged by zealots,

tourists and profiteers.


Can love survive amidst the madness?


A comic tale of young love,

thwarted desire and the slippery nature of faith...


Out Now in the Uk! 

Available From All Good Bookshops!

Or From Amazon Here!


Praise from the Press:

'Things We Couldn’t Explain is about first love, miracles, and the moral choices people make in the face of the inexplicable... Written with wit, compassion, warmth and a grasp of how imperfect human beings can command our sympathies, this is a serious treat.'                             The Independent


'Novelist and playwright Betsy Tobin is on top form in this perfectly-pitched romantic comedy...Things We Couldn’t Explain is a gorgeously romantic, comic and ingenious tale. Tobin sets up the engaging clash between science, faith and doubt but with the focus firmly on fun and mystery rather than dry religious doctrine...Beautifully written and cleverly conceived, Things We Couldn’t Explain is a delight from start to finish.'

Lancashire Evening Post


'A tender, charming love story between two awkward, fumbling teenagers who have no idea what they are doing...Annemarie's blindness is brilliantly portrayed. This isn't an 'Issue' driven book - she's more than aware that the blindness is part of who she is, and more than compensates for it. She's no tragic heroine - just another teenager who struggles with growing up, falling in love and dealing with attention, even if the circumstances in which she does these things are somewhat heightened...The writing is beautiful, and will bring to mind anyone's teenage days - full of hormones, confusion and misplaced anger...I'd say that this is one of those rare books that can be enjoyed equally by both parents and teenagers...Absolutely delightful - both heartwarming and thought provoking.'

The Bookbag



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