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Betsy Tobin

The West Country, 1603... 



Set in 17th century rural England, BONE HOUSE is the tale of two women: one is large, voluptuous and charismatic -- a prostitute to whom many,

not just men, are drawn.  


The other is young, slight and solitary -- a servant whose quest to solve the mystery of the prostitute's death leads her to shocking discoveries, unexpected love and the beginnings of a future.


Praise for Bone House

‘Betsy Tobin mesmerises...a fine gothic novel which burrows under the skin.’       The Times 


‘Provocative and gripping...a tale shimmering with psychological depth.’       New York Times 


‘Cuts through a tangle of dark and dirty secrets...a compelling story of haunted lives.’     Time Out 


‘Wonderfully real...a surprisingly delicate murder mystery, tempered by great detail and remarkable control.’       Los Angeles Times 


‘Vividly compelling...a brilliant debut.’       The Lady 


‘An eloquently written tale of love, lust and sorcery -- and the darker places we are often forced to confront...a jolly good read.’       Myslexia 


‘Entertaining and highly original.’       Harpers and Queen 


‘Finely put together...a sober fairy tale.’       Observer 


‘Elegant, sensual and unputdownable.’       Buzz 


‘Poetic and haunting.’       Booklist

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